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All one-on-one tutoring at the Annandale School for Traditional Academics is provided by one of our founders, Dr. Rebecca Menes or Mr. Daniel Menes. We are not an agency that will connect you with an unknown high school student. We are two professionals with years of experience teaching and explaining the most difficult technical subjects.

Subjects we tutor

  • Middle school math, including pre-algebra and algebra
  • High school math, from algebra through calculus
  • College math, including pre-calculus, calculus, quantitative reasoning
  • Discrete math, computer science and programming
  • Economics
  • Chemistry and physics

Math Assessments

Math troubles often build over time. You or your child may run into problems in math due to weaknesses in your preparation last year or years before. Contact us for an assessment if:

  • Your child is not doing as well in math as you expected.
  • Your child is taking algebra or pre-algebra. These are the subjects where students most often run into trouble, and you cannot count on your child’s school to give you timely feedback about problems.
  • You are preparing to take precalculus, calculus, statistics, or other challenging college math classes.
  • You are preparing to take a degree or certificate program that will require math and want to make sure that you are ready.
  • You are looking ahead to taking standardized tests (TJ test, SAT, ACT, GRE, etc.) in the next year or two, and want to make sure that your math is as solid as it can be.

Hours and rates

We are open from 12:00 noon to 8:30 pm Monday-Friday. Appointments are recommended. We will consider meeting at other times on a case-by-case basis.

Every new student gets their first 60 minutes for free.

One hour session: $55 90 minute session: $70 Two hour session: $85

If you want a small group session instead of a one-on-one session, as long as everyone is taking the same subject, we charge 1/2 of the one-person rate for each additional student.

Tutoring is provided at our offices, conveniently located off Backlick Rd. in Annandale, VA.


Call (571) 549-1100 or email today.

Test Preparation

At the Annandale School, we help students prepare for tests, including

You may think of “test preparation” as a short course that you begin a few weeks before test day. And if you are taking a test in a few weeks, by all means call us for one-on-one tutoring, and we will give you all the help we can.

Save yourself some stress, however, by taking your first preparatory steps well in advance—at least six months before the test, and better yet, one to two years. That way you can take a more measured, gentle approach to preparation that will be both less stressful and more successful.

The first preparatory step is to find out where you are. We will give you a free assessment to measure your readiness for the test you plan to take. We will break down your results for you to help you understand what you need to work on and how to make progress towards your goals.

Different assessments are, of course, appropriate for students at different levels. We have found, however, that there is a certain broad outline that is consistent regardless of your age or the test for which you are preparing. We will assess your performance in the following five broad areas:

  1. Root topics and concepts. Of all the many topics that you encounter in math class, there are a handful that are foundational. These are the topics that the rest of math depends upon. These topics are “blockers”; students who are weak in these areas will stumble in all subsequent areas of math.

    Any weakness in the root topics will severely affect your performance on tests, so work in these areas is particularly important to improving your test scores.

    The root topics include basic arithmetic algorithms, properties of numbers, order of operations and evaluation of expressions, and certain other topics in algebra, geometry and (for more advanced students) calculus.

  2. Branch topics and concepts. Most of the math that you have studied falls into the general category of “branch topics.” Many of these topics are important, but weaknesses here do not, generally, prevent you from moving forward in other areas of math. Important branch topics include trigonometry, vectors and matrices, and many of the topics covered in the second year of algebra and in calculus.

  3. Math craftsmanship. A topic that is often given short shrift in math class is what we at the Annandale School call “math craftsmanship.” This is not so much about a knowledge of individual math facts, as about developing mental tools and habits for solving math problems. Topics here include how to organize your paper, how to quickly, neatly and accurately sketch a graph, how to catalog all of the facts that you are given in the statement of a problem, and so forth.

    At the Annandale School, we sometimes encounter very smart students who don’t seem to test as well as their intelligence and knowledge suggest they should. We have often found that these students lack practice in math craftsmanship. Students can greatly increase their scores by focusing on this oft-neglected area.

  4. Math patterns. Another topic that is not adequately covered in math classes is what we at the Annandale School have come to call “math patterns.” Many students get questions wrong not because they don’t know the math required to answer the question, but because they don’t recognize certain clues that the test writer has given about what “sort” of problem this is.

    Math patterns is an area where drill, practice, and flash cards come into their own. Common math patterns include: powers of two; perfect squares; prime numbers and prime factorizations; and common polynomial factorizations such as (a + b)2 and (a + b)(a − b).

    There are many problems you will be able to solve if you are quick with math patterns. There are many more problems that you will be able to solve more quickly if you recognize the math patterns involved. If you are getting disappointing scores because you are having trouble finishing tests, math patterns may be the most important thing to work on. They can be the difference between a good score and a great score.

  5. Test tactics. Practicing test-taking tactics is the least valuable of the four topic areas. Nonetheless, many students can gain a question or two by employing smart test-taking tactics. This area includes knowing how to guess intelligently, when to skip a question because it will take you too long to finish it, and when you can answer a multiple-choice question by elimination.

Once you have taken your math diagnostic, we will help you plan a program of study, including tutoring from the Annandale School, to help you achieve your goals.

If you are looking for a traditional test prep class, we do not have one yet. But we are developing classes, so join our mailing list and you’ll be among the first to know when our classes become available.

Upcoming Events and Classes

HS Entrance Exam Prep

Save your seventh-grader stress, and give them the best chance to get into the best high schools. Instead of cramming for a couple of months before the test, we will take a low-key, long-term approach, meeting once a week to review the math, reading and science required for the entrance exams for the Thomas Jefferson High School and the Catholic high schools. Also suitable for students who are not taking a high school entrance exam, but would like a general academic review of middle school. Call now.

Open Houses

Come and meet Rebecca and Dan, see our facilities, and talk to us. Our schedule of open houses is here

Summer Programs

Summer is coming, and we have a full slate of summer programs for middle school and high school students. Math, game design, math, technology, math, engineering, math, science. And more math!

Check out our full course descriptions and schedule here

Professional Training

Are you a business owner or manager who needs training for your employees? We will come to your site to train your people.

The Craft of Clear Writing

Inspired by the famous Little Red Schoolhouse writing program at the University of Chicago, we teach your employees to apply simple techniques that will make their writing clearer and more persuasive. The class can be adapted to your needs. The basic course is designed to be taught in three two-hour sessions with up to ten students per session.

Custom courses

If you have custom training needs, contact us. Besides writing, we specialize in teaching courses in mathematical and technical subjects, such as “Introductory Data Analysis in Excel” and “Beginners Guide to the Oscilloscope.”


Welcome to home schooling with the Annandale School. Dr. Rebecca has homeschooled her son since the third grade. We work with new homeschoolers and veterans. Our home school schedule includes home school only events and classes, and of course home schoolers are welcome at all our regular events and classes, and as tutoring students. We can work with home school parents to craft your home school plans. We host events for the home school community, including information events, home school field trips, and our free home school game club. We specialize in providing home schoolers with math, science, and writing support.

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At the Annandale School we know the challenges and rewards of homeschooling. Dr. Rebecca has homeschooled her son since the third grade. We work with homeschool families to plan, organize, and support home learning. We specialize in providing middle and high school homeschool students with support in math, science, economics, history, and writing. Our homeschool schedule includes events and classes tailored for the homeschool student, and homeschoolers are welcome at all our regular events and classes, and as tutoring students. Sign up for our to stay abreast of our scheduled events, including information events, home school field trips, and our free home school game club.